Hiking and Backpacking are inherently dangerous activities. Hiking and Backpacking in the Grand Canyon involves exposure to unique enviornmental risks for which even experienced outdoors enthusiasts may be unprepared. Several hikers die each year in the Grand Canyon. No web site can adequately prepare you for the challenges of Grand Canyon hiking. Skills and knowledge, gained through first-hand experience, of how to conduct yourself safely in the backcountry are essential. Should you choose to hike or backpack in the Grand Canyon, be prepared to assume the risks inherent in such activity.

Conmara Publishing makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and usefulness of information available at GrandCanyonHiker.com. We make no representation as to the safety of any trail or route described on GrandCanyonHiker.com. It is your responsibility to determine whether you have the skills and experience demanded by a particular trail or route.

Conditions in the Grand Canyon can change suddenly. A flash flood can eliminate sections of a trail, for example. Should you identify inaccuracies in the information published on this site, please notify us immediately, so corrections can be made.

Conmara Publishing assumes no responsibility for information published on GrandCanyonHiker.com that is contributed by site visitors. Such contributions include, but are not limited to, trail descriptions, trip reports, bulletin board messages, and reports of water availability.

It is the your responsibility to verify all information prior to undertaking a hike or backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon. The rangers at the Backcountry Reservations Office are your best resource for up-to-date Grand Canyon trail information. Contact them, they're there to help you.

As always, should you have any questions, please contact us.

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