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Do you have a trip report or photos from a recent (or long-past) Grand Canyon hike? Share them with Grand Canyon enthusiasts world wide!

We at GrandCanyonHiker would be happy to make your trip report available to all with web access. How does this work?

Trip Reports

Already published on the web? If your trip report is already published on the web, here's what to do:

  1. Read the Ground Rules
  2. Use our handy Grand Canyon trip report link submission form.

That's it! We will add the URL to our Grand Canyon trip report directory.

It's on your hard-drive? No problem. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Read the Ground Rules.
  2. Prepare your trip report using MS Word or WordPerfect.
  3. If you have pictures to accompany your trip report, please indicate in where in the text you would like the pictures placed.
  4. If photos accompany your trip report, read the Photos section, below.
  5. E-mail your trip report to Rob Kleine (


Yes, we can publish your Grand Canyon trip pictures, too. Here's how to submit Grand Canyon Photos:

  1. Read the Ground Rules.
  2. We can accept only digital images.
  3. Please resize all pictures so that the largest dimension does not exceed 400 pixels.
  4. Save photos in the .jpg format.
  5. Attach the photos to an e-mail.
  6. Place photo captions in the body of the e-mail.
  7. Send to Rob Kleine (

Questions? Drop us a note.

Important Ground Rules:
Read Before Sending Pictures or Trip Reports

OK for to publish. By sending pictures or trip reports (material) to you authorize ConMara Publishing to display (publish) your images and/or words as part of the website. The website is publicly available to to the world wide Internet community.

Copyright is Yours! All photos and words (material) you contribute to remains your property. All pictures or words you contribute to will be attributed to you and carry a copyright notice to that effect. In technical lingo, we ask you to grant ConMara Publishing nonexclusive electronic rights to your words and/or pictures. You may ask us to remove your material at any time.

Editorial Changes to Pictures and/or Words. ConMara Publishing reserves the right to modify your pictures, if necessary, to make them more suitable for publication on the website. Modifications to photos may include cropping and/or resizing an image. ConMara Publishing reserves the right to limit the number of photos published on the web site.

ConMara Publishing reserves the right to edit submitted trip reports, if necessary, to improve clarity or shorten an trip report deemed excessively long. Should we edit your trip report, we'll seek your approval before the edited material is published.

ConMara Publishing reserves the right to deny publication of any submitted material without cause or reason.

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