Trip Reports

Below is a collection of links to Grand Canyon trip reports. The trip reports are arranged geographically from East to West.

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Trip Report Geographic Index
Western GC Central GC - Corridor Trails Easern GC
North Rim | South Rim Rim-to-Rim North Rim | South Rim
Eastern GC - South Rim top
Desert View > Comanche Point  
Desert View > Cape Solitude  
Little Colorado, Tanner, Red Canyon, and Grandview Areas  
Little Colorado > Beamer > Escalante Route > New Hance Trail  
Tanner > Beamer > Little Colorado  
Tanner, Palisades, and Cardenas Areas by Jim Karsh  
Tanner > Beamer > Escalante Route > Grandview by Matt Averill  
Tanner > Beamer > Escalante > New Hance  
Bright Angel > Tonto West > Escalante Route > Boucher  
New Hance > Tonto > Grandview  
Grandview Area by Jim Karsh  
Eastern GC - North Rim top
South Canyon  
Nankoweap > Tanner  
Central GC (Corridor Trails) top
Rim to rim  
South Kaibab Trail > North Kaibab by Ketti K. and Michael S. Terry  
North Kaibab Trail > Bright Angel Trail by "Curious George" Copsey  
Rim to Rim > Mark Boyer hikes rim to rim and visits Horseshoe Mesa  
Western GC - South Rim top
Hermit Trail  
Royal Arch > Elves Chasm > Tonto > South Bass  
Havasu > Beaver Falls  
Western GC - North Rim top
Bill Hall Trail > Thunder River Trail  
Bill Hall Trail > Thunder River > Deer Creek  
Other top
The Canyon from end to end: Diamond Creek > Lees Ferry  
Grand Canyon Place Names by Doug Nering  
Trip Report Collections  
Mike Buchheit's Trip Reports  
Grand Canyon Treks ... lots of historical info about Harvey Butchart  
Bob Ribokas' Trip Reports  
Vertical Arizona ... for climbers seeking Grandcanyon routes  
Grand Canyon Vignettes by Patricia Kvill  


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