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Hiking the Grand Canyon: The Corridor Trails

I've been using it to show my friends the Canyon from my point of view.
-- Harvey Butchart
    The most experienced Grand Canyon hiker alive.

For the first time, I think I understand something of the geography and, better yet, something of what it would be like to hike on the main trails.
-- Don Horst

I feel much more comfortable now about planning a hike in the canyon.
-- Beth Hronek
    first time canyon hiker

This is the most complete hiking video on any location I have ever seen. Simply outstanding!
--Bob Ulrich
... I am very impressed. It was so nice to see a practical video geared for the vast majority of hikers to the canyon. I found your animations wonderful and loved the new perspective they gave me personally.
--Denise Traver
... As webmaster of, which focuses on day hiking, Iíve avoided these longer trails in the past. Having viewed the video I feel more prepared and confident in tackling a trip down to the river.

... Iím pleased to highly recommend, ďHiking the Grand Canyon: The Corridor Trails. Letís hope the future holds a second video highlighting other canyon trails.

-- Joe Bartels
... this video is an excellent source of information to begin preparing you to hike the Grand Canyon.
-- Ellen Anon
    Wildlight the Electronic Journal of Outdoor Photography (July 2000)

... this is a good starting point for would-be Grand Canyon Hikers.
-- Sue-Ellen Beauregard
   ALA Booklist Review (9/15/2000)

General library collections will want to consider seriously this affordable offering.
-- Dwain Thomas
    Library Journal (September 15, 2000, p 129)
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